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Fayetteville Dent Repair

Fayetteville Dent Repair

Every car owner knows the struggle of searching for a fast, efficient, and affordable body repair technician. But now the search is over! Georgia’s number one Fayetteville dent repair company is here with unbeatable speeds, impeccable results, and quality customer service all at affordable prices. Find out what makes Pro PDR of Georgia the best in the industry according to our clients.

A Family Business Treats You Like Family

Pro PDR of Georgia is family founded and run since 2002.  Our unique business model is what sets us apart from the competition. Each employee strives to bring you the best experience possible. For a family dent repair experience visit your local family owned Fayetteville dent repair company.

Equipment and Techniques

Our primary goal at Pro PDR of Georgia is to bring 100% satisfaction to every client we work with. While good customer service is what makes us unique, our skills and equipment create the foundation of our Fayetteville dent repair business. Paintless dent removal is a specialized skill that requires patience and precision. However, the payoff is well worth it. The PDR process cuts all of the unnecessary fat out of the body repair process eliminating the need for any paint, primer, or panel removal. This not only saves you nearly twice as much money as a standard body shop, but it also saves you a whole lot of time. While a standard body shop would require a week or more for repairs a PDR technician generally needs only a few hours. This makes PDR the preferred form of body repair in the industry and our specialty. In addition to advanced repair techniques we also use cutting edge tools and technology. This helps to further speed up the process and improve our success rate.

Pro PDR of Georgia cuts no corners when it comes to repairing you vehicle. We use only the best tools and practices in the industry. All to bring you the best PDR experience possible. If you are looking for technicians that treat you like family then look no further than a business run by family. Call Pro PDR of Georgia for your free estimate today at 678-544-3004.


About Us

We are a family owned and operated small business specializing in the fine art of paintless dent removal (PDR). We offer FREE estimates!!!

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We are a mobile service covering the Middle Georgia areas with our home office located in Barnesville Georgia. Call today to set up an appointment!