Griffin Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair

Griffin Dent Repair

Griffin Dent Repair

Here at Pro PDR of Georgia our goal is to bring you the highest quality dent repair and customer satisfaction, all at affordable prices. We understand what your vehicle means to you and want to help maintain its factory-new condition. Thanks to the art of paintless dent repair we can do just that. By offering faster, more efficient, and cheaper services than our competition we are sure to become your favorite Griffin dent repair company.


One of the biggest issues when searching for a dent repair mechanic is finding someone that can get your vehicle back to you so you can get back to your busy schedule. Through the use of PDR, we cut our time down to a few days or less compared to the average body shop rate of a week or more. This is due to the nature of paintless dent repair itself. By avoiding the need for things such as the removal of panels we’ve cut down the repair time by nearly four times.


Our technicians always get the job done and they do it right. At Pro PDR of Georgia each employee is professionally trained and certified to bring you the best results available. We achieve this by treating PDR as it should be; an art before a trade. Every car is unique and so is every dent. Through this approach we are prepared for anything you can throw at us.

Cost Effective

Perhaps the biggest benefit to picking Pro PDR of Georgia is our cost effectiveness. By using PDR we avoid any unnecessary waste of materials and useless practices, cutting your prices down significantly. On top of that our entire process is non-invasive and requires no new paint, primer, or filler. Not to mention that it is environmentally friendly.

Quit wasting your time on expensive body repair shops. Pro PDR of Georgia is the solution to all of your costly, time exhausting vehicle damage. Call us today at 678-544-3004 for the best Griffin dent repair company.

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We are a family owned and operated small business specializing in the fine art of paintless dent removal (PDR). We offer FREE estimates!!!

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