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McDonough Dent Repair

McDonough Dent Repair

Every car gets a dent eventually. It’s an inevitable part of being the proud owner of a vehicle. However, the real struggle begins with the search for a trustworthy technician. Pro PDR of Georgia has been the number one choice for McDonough dent repair since 2002. We offer dent repair services that stump the competition and are sure to blow you away too!

Why Pick Us Over a Body Shop?

Body shops are still relevant and have their own place in the market, but in the field of dent repair they have become obsolete. PDR is a cheaper, faster, and more efficient alternative to the classic body shop. We specialize in PDR to bring our customers the best results in the dent repair business. Anything from a golf ball sized dent to damage the size of a basketball can be repaired by our PDR specialists as long as the paint is intact. This makes our trade versatile enough to handle even hail damage. While a body shop can offer you the same services it will often take upwards of a week for the repairs. Not to mention that body shops often charge nearly double what a PDR tech would. A standard PDR job takes no more than two days and in most cases only a few hours. In the event of a dent our McDonough dent repair shop is the clear choice.

What Makes Us Special?

Pro PDR of Georgia is a family owned and run PDR business since 2002. Our techs offer the highest quality of customer service to bring you the best PDR experience possible. Not to mention Pro PDR of Georgia’s high rate of customer satisfaction. This is due to our advanced experience, training, and technology. Pro PDR of Georgia cuts no corners when it comes to our clients. We examine each job carefully and speak with the client before any work begins to avoid any disagreements. Once the work begins our specialized PDR skills kick in. Years of practice and experience guarantee a successful job with no mishaps. Furthermore, our cutting edge tools and equipment provide that extra boost to our efforts so you can see your car in factory new condition in no time at all.

Pro PDR of Georgia is a family business through and through. With our use of specialized training, tools, and service we provide a service that cannot be found at other McDonough dent repair shops. Call 678-544-3004 today for your free estimate!

About Us

We are a family owned and operated small business specializing in the fine art of paintless dent removal (PDR). We offer FREE estimates!!!

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We are a mobile service covering the Middle Georgia areas with our home office located in Barnesville Georgia. Call today to set up an appointment!